I'm Drew1200, but most people call me Drwe. I'm a developer, editor, administrator, and blogger on most wikis in which I participate. I enjoy most social and coding activities, and also occasionally enjoy the other roles listed above. My main focus on a wiki is always about the community. In my opinion, that is definitely the most important part. I spend a lot of time talking with friends and welcoming new users. I regularly struggle to stay active, and during the times that I only have a couple minutes a day to check all the different sites I'm on, my priority is always to take care of the community first.

I'm also a developer. I have written dozens of skins and created tons of templates. If you're interested in seeing some of the stuff I've done, you should check out my Code page. If you need help with anything code related at all, feel free to leave me a message and I'll do my best to help.

Aside from the coding I do on MediaWiki, I am also an avid web developer, and have dabbled with video game development. My hope for the future is that I'm able to create a web based service, and create mobile applications in addition to the desktop site.

As an editor, I've mainly focused on the LEGO Message Boards Wiki, Brickipedia, the Google Wiki, and the Farming Simulator Wiki. Across all wikis, I have over 45,000 edits, and over 30,000 bot edits. I haven't been editing as much lately due to time restrictions, but it is something I would like to do again in the future. All of my edit counts can be found on my Sites page.

As for the history of Drew1200, I won't say much here, but rather direct you to my History page.

So that's some info about me as far as Wikia goes - what about my real life? Well, I already mentioned that I like to work with code, and that's certainly one of the largest aspects of my real life, too. The rest I'll list out later, sorry.

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