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ChromeVis is an official Google Chrome extension. It was created by Google, and can be found in the Chrome Web Store.

Official DescriptionEdit

Magnify and change the colour of any selected text. Use the mouse or the keyboard to move the selection around the page.

This extension magnifies any selected text on a webpage. The magnified text is displayed inside of a separate lens and preserves the original page layout. You can change both the lens text colour and the lens background colour.

Two lens display options:
- the Anchored Lens, which is always at the top of the window
- the Floating Lens, which floats immediately above the selected text

You can select text on a webpage using your mouse or with your keyboard. Activate the lens with the keyboard or by pressing the ChromeVis icon. Use the keyboard to move your selection around by paragraph, sentence, word, or character.

For a keyboard shortcut listing and to specify your own keyboard shortcuts, please refer to the ChromeVis options page. For more tips on how to use ChromeVis, you can look at the ChromeVis User Manual by clicking on the "Support and FAQs" link below.

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