Chrome Toolbox
Developer Google
Category Productivity
Rating 4 stars
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Chrome Toolbox is an official Google Chrome extension. It can be found on the Chrome Web Store.

Official DescriptionEdit

A quick access tool that allows you to put your favorite browser commands in one drop down menu, save unsubmitted form data,…
This extension brings your most frequently used productivity features into Chrome:
- Magnify any image on a web page, set it as your wallpaper, and view it in its original size
- Drag any video on a web page (Flash and HTML5 video) out of the page in its own stand-alone window, closing the window puts it back to the original page, both with play state reservation
- Customize tab behavior to close the tab on double click, to create a new tab on closing the last tab, and to always open a link in its own tab
- Save and restore unsubmitted form data, to avoid data loss caused by session expiration or a no-cache page setting
- One shortcut to launch all predefined URLs (from your Bookmark Manager folder)
- Learn, compare and contrast shortcuts in Chrome and other popular browsers.
- Put your favorite Chrome functionalities in the drop down menu, reorder them in the way you like
- Define Boss Key
- Mute all tabs

This extension will not only boost your productivity while using Chrome, but also help you learn a lot of browser functionalities and shortcuts that are mostly hidden.

Note: On Linux and Mac, the following functionalities aren’t supported:
- Set wallpaper
- Stand-alone video
- Double click to close tabs
- Last tab behavior
- Quick launch
- Shortcuts definition
- Customized drop down menu

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