One of my main hobbies, and potentially future career, is coding. I've been interested in it for 6 years now, and have been working with the actual code for 5 years. I use this page to keep track of what I have learned and accomplished with code.

  • proficient - Over 100 hours of experience.
  • advanced - Completed studying, and a significant amount of experience.
  • studying - Memorized the syntax and much of the language, but incomplete knowledge.
  • learning - Just beginning to learn, minimal knowledge and very little experience.

Languages LearnedEdit

  • HTML proficient
  • CSS proficient
  • JavaScript proficient
  • jQuery advanced
  • PHP studying
  • SQL studying
  • Dart studying
  • C advanced
  • C# studying
  • Java studying

APIs / Libraries Edit

  • MediaWiki studying
  • Unity learning
  • Chrome studying

About Me

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