Feedback Loop
Developer Google
Category Search Tools
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Feedback Loop is an official Google Chrome extension. It can be found in the Chrome Web Store.

Official DescriptionEdit

Submit feedback to Google about websites you visit.

The Feedback Loop extension (by Google) is a Chrome extension that allows you to submit feedback to Google on any website you visit. This feedback will be used in experiments to improve Google’s ability to differentiate between high-quality web destinations and those that may pose risks to users, as part of ongoing efforts to improve user safety and the quality of our ads.

If you would like to provide Google with your opinion on a website, click the extension icon. We will show a quick, one-question survey that you can use to let Google know how you feel about the current website. The extension may also occasionally display the survey above the site you’re viewing without your clicking on the icon.

When the Feedback Loop icon is clicked or the extension bar drops down, the extension will collect and transmit the following information to Google:
- The domain name of the website you are viewing (for instance, “”) When you click the “Submit” button on the Feedback loop survey, the extension will collect and transmit the following additional information back to Google:
- The URL of the website you are viewing (for instance, “”)
- Your survey response

This extension requires that you be signed in to your Google account, and the feedback you submit will be associated with your Google identity. If you would like to temporarily prevent the extension from being active, you can use Incognito Mode in your Chrome Browser, or you can disable the extension from your Extension Settings screen. At any time, you can discontinue your participation by uninstalling the Feedback Loop extension.

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